Web development services

A Mexico-based dev shop, osom has been working extensively with all sorts of technologies to build both internal products as well as our client's projects.

Since 2013 we've been building websites, single page apps, web services and everything in between that deliver great experiences to customers and users.

MVP and prototype Development from the ground up

Do you have an idea? Let's build it! Our team will guide you through the whole process: from creating an action plan, to wireframes, mockups and coding.

Power up your team Extra bandwidth

Need some extra hands for your product? Let us help. Whether you need a few hours per week, or a small team full time, we can provide it on short notice.

Emergency services Startup rescue mission

Having issues with performance? Need some extra help to write tests? Is the app too old to work correctly? We can help and get your app up on its feet in just a few weeks.

Technology Stack

Meet the team building Box Factura

Developers, designers, marketers and product managers―all passionate about their jobs. This is the team behind Box Factura, a SaaS that helps hundreds of small businesses in Mexico.

This is the team of experienced professionals that will be helping you build your product.

Our rates

$54 - $64 USD/hour*

* Based on the time commitment per month

Reach us! [email protected]